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60 cm tiles: Just the right size, perfect

Just right

We are facing the smallest size of large formats. 60 x 60 porcelain tiles are much larger than a conventional size, but not XXL.
You can maintain a classic and sophisticated style, but acquiring a touch of superior design. 60 cm x 60 cm tiles, for example, are famous for this.

Advantages of ceramic 60 x 60 cm tiles


This type of cladding offers a number of advantages that make it the ideal choice for many homeowners and designers.

Quick installation with one person

Tiles 600×600 mm are usually placed much faster than small ones, due to the fact that they cover more surface area and there is less grout to fill.

Ceramic tiles 600×600 are the perfect combination. Large enough to be placed quickly, but not so large that they need two people to place them. You save time and labor costs, both in placement and grouting.

Ambience with 60 x 60 cm tiles

Water and moisture resistance

The 600×600 porcelain tiles we sell are porcelain, therefore, they have a low porosity, which makes them water and moisture resistant. This feature is essential in bathrooms, swimming pools and outdoor areas, where there is constant exposure to moisture and water.

60 by 60 tiles in a modern house image

Easy to clean and maintain

The smooth, non-porous surface of a 600×600 mm ceramic tile makes it easy to clean. Additionally, its resistance to stains and chemicals makes cleaning even easier.

Luxury house with 60 x 60 porcelain tiles

Versatility in its application

600 x 600 porcelain tiles are versatile in their application. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, which gives you the possibility to create an aesthetic continuity in your spaces. In addition, their square format and standard size make them easy to install in different areas, whether on floors or walls.
It is important to note that, if you are going to use outdoor 600 x 600 mm tiles for the floor, it is necessary to verify that it is an anti-slip R10/R11. We will specify this in each product with the “out” label, to mark that it is ideal for the terrace floor.
If you want it for both indoor and outdoor use, we recommend an R10 (In/out).

Interior design with 60 cm tiles

Variety of designs and colors

With 600×600 tiles, you can create more varied and sophisticated designs than with a smaller tile. In our store you will only find graphics designed and produced by the highest cutting-edge technology in the ceramic world, digital printing.

This method allows you to reach the most innovative patterns, obtaining unique high-quality pieces.

Modern design with 60x60 tile sizes

Buy porcelain 600 600 tiles from us at the best price

best price

At Large Format Tiles, we are your ideal destination to get cheap 600×600 tiles without losing quality.
We have a wide selection of tiles in different formats, and one of our most outstanding products is the 600×600 porcelain stoneware. If you are looking for large format porcelain stoneware coverings for indoors or outdoors, we have the best options for you.
Excellence in quality and competitive prices are our main pillars.

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