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What colour goes best with grey big tiles?

As we have seen in the previous design ideas, the color gray, and especially in XXL versions, are very easy to combine, as they are the perfect base color. We will give you some of the best combinations of modern designs with grey large format tile:

Combining different shades of grey for large grey ceramic tiles

One of the most outstanding designs of this year is monochromatic decorations. You can combine floor and wall or different tones on the walls (max. Two in the same surface). The preferred place to make this combination is usually the bathroom.

extra large grey tileslarge grey porcelain tileslarge format grey tile

White is a safe bet

White is another “base color” with spectacular versatility. Highlighting white areas infuses a sense of lightness and style. We recommend that gray be the base color of the environment and white for details.

Ambiance with large gray tilesLarge grey tiles in a small living roomRepresentation of big grey tiles placed in a minimalist decoration

wood tones

Wood is an element that, as a rule, provides warmth. Depending on how it is used, it can create a vintage look with a distinctive modern twist.

You can combine this option with monochrome, using a large format imitation wood tiles gray on the floor and another shade of grey on the wall.

Large grey tiles in a modern roomlong grey tilesExtra large grey tiles in the dining area

Vivid colours

The color grey can also be combined with a lively color like blue or green. Always leaving grey as the base and using significant details of these striking tones to not saturate the environment.

Long gray tile on a decorative column

How do you choose the best size for this type of tile?

There is no ideal size for everyone. We must always take into account, in addition to our personal tastes, the size of the room and the style we want to create.

All large grey porcelain tiles have a very versatile modern aesthetic for design, however, a tile size like the 600×600 is closer to a classic look than if we choose to install a size 1200×2400, the latter will have a much more spectacular effect in the room where you place it.

If you want to install them outside, we recommend a style of large tile where you can choose a suitable size and thickness for greater strength, as the variety is reduced.

What shade of grey is best suited to big gray tiles?

The choice of tone can depend on the effect you want and if you are going to combine it with other colours, but we will still try to tell you the most requested ones from our store and why.

Light grey, the favorite of this time

This tone is without a doubt the most popular, thanks to it we managed to create a brighter and more spacious environment, in addition to preserving a modern style.

Charcoal grey, beyond design

For the more daring, large anthracite tiles are a rising trend. A gorgeous dark shade without being large black tiles.

Perfect for deep and elegant designs, with great power to enhance any accessory in its environment. Ideal for incorporating luxurious or warm decorative elements, which you can further enhance with strategic lighting.

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