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How to choose the best large garden tiles?

How to choose the best?

To ensure that you choose the right large patio tiles, you need to consider the following points:

Choose the right thickness

If you want it for an exterior wall cladding, choosing a porcelain stoneware is enough, but when it comes to the floor, we need to take the thickness into account. A higher thickness will give us greater strength, in our special pavement products you can find higher thicknesses that will ensure optimal resistance.

big outdoor tiles
large outdoor tiles

Correct anti-slip level

The same applies to the anti-slip properties. When placing a tile on the floor, it is recommended to use an anti-slip large outdoor porcelain tiles. The tile should be R10 or higher, but when we are talking about susceptible areas, such as the pool edge, we recommend always using an R11. This information can be found on the page of all our products.

Suitable resistance to use and area

It is important to note that if you live in an area with extreme weather changes, such as freezing winters, it is very important to choose a large outdoor tile that is resistant to these external agents. This information is also detailed in our products.

large outdoor porcelain tiles
large format exterior porcelain tile

Surface on which it is placed

On occasion, we may encounter uneven surfaces, grass, gravel, or sand. In these cases, it is important to level the ground and leave it flat and clear before installation.

Available effects and finishes of large porcelain outdoor tiles

Available effects and finishes

In our store you can find a variety of effects and finishes. We offer wood, cement and marble effects, all in porcelain stoneware perfectly adapted for outdoor use.

There are also different finishes, but it is important to note that, although a product is available in gloss or polished finish, it is not recommended to use it on outdoor floors. Always choose a matte finish and take into account the anti-slip guide described above.

Our large outdoor tiles for patio are mostly rectified, which gives them a perfect finish.

Benefits of choosing extra large outdoor tiles


Greater performance

Our large format outdoor tiles are made of ceramic stoneware, which is of a higher quality than white or red paste tiles.

A variety of designs and colours

Tile can be manufactured in an endless variety of effects and colors. From imitating a cement effect to the realism of aged wood. The design possibilities are endless. In addition, when we use big outdoor tiles, we always create a modern and cutting-edge result.

Easier to clean

Classic materials like concrete are very porous and collect dirt and stains. Our large outdoor patio tiles are antibacterial and easy to clean.

You’ll have a cleaner surface that’s less likely to get a permanent stain.

Buy from the shop with the best prices on extra large porcelain outdoor tiles

Buy from the shop

At Extra Large Tiles, we work with fair margins and competitive prices, leaving our outdoor big tiles at the best possible price. If you are a professional or want to buy large quantities, you can contact us to check if they fall within the reduced tariff program.