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60x60 outdoor tiles

60×60 outdoor tiles

catalogue of 600 x 600 outdoor porcelain tiles

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Design Ideas with Our 600x600 porcelain tiles outdoor

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Types of outdoor porcelain 60x60 outdoor tiles

There are different types of porcelain paving 600 x 600, which differ in key ways, including:


You can find a variety of materials used to make 60×60 cm tiles for terraces on the market, including red clay, white clay, and ceramic stoneware.

Of all the compositions we have detailed, ceramic stoneware is the one that offers the best performance and quality for outdoor use, so much so that our products are specifically focused on this type of material.

outdoor tiles 600x600


Tiles can come in an infinite variety of colours, the most popular being white, grey, beige and black. They are very versatile and can be used in virtually any space. However, you can see all the colour variations for each 60×60 exterior tile collection in our catalogue above.

60x60 outdoor tiles


Of all the finishes available, we always recommend using the matte finish for exterior use.

Outdoor 60x60 tile on the rooftop terrace

Safety Standards for Our 60x60 porcelain tiles outdoor

When we talk about the floor of an outdoor area, it is very important to take into account some safety features that the tile we choose for our project should have.


If it is a high-traffic area or even one that has to withstand the passage of a car, it is advisable to choose a higher thickness.
If you are going to use tiles on a raised surface, the thickness must be equal to or greater than 20mm.

600x600mm tiles for outdoor use in a garden house

Frost resistance

We always recommend high resistance to weather changes when choosing an exterior cladding or paving. All the products in this collection are specially designed for this purpose, but even so, you can check that they include this property on each product page. You can also contact our dedicated customer service team, who will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

600x600 porcelain outdoor tiles on the exterior of a luxury hotel


If it is for the floor of an outdoor area such as a terrace, we will need a minimum R10 or higher slip resistance rating.

For areas more prone to slips and falls, such as the edge of a pool, we recommend R11.

This information is also detailed on the product page.

60x60 outdoor tiles

Frequently asked questions about outdoor porcelain tiles 600x600 mm

Frequently asked questions

Are outdoor tiles 600x600 easy to clean?

Tiling is usually easier to clean because it is non-porous.

Can outdoor tiles 60x60 be used in a swimming pool?

You can use a 60×60 tile in the pool without any trouble, but there may be properties that you don’t need, for example, being non-slip on the bottom. We recommend taking a look at our large format pool tile section.

Will the 600x600 porcelain paving be damaged if I am near the sea?

No, ceramic tiles are resistant to corrosion by salt water without any problems.

Can I lay 600x600 tiles on a sloping terrace?

Being a large piece, care must be taken at the intersections of unevenness. We recommend consulting with a professional for your specific case.