60x60 marble

60x60 marble tiles

60×60 marble tiles

Catalogue of marble 600x600 tiles

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Ideal locations for placing marble effect tiles 600x600

ideal locations

You can use this type of tile in almost any part of the house, even many are suitable for exteriors and swimming pools!

Our customers’ favourite places for this type of tile are the kitchen, bathroom and living room, although we have to give a special mention to the kitchen. White marble tiles 60×60 are undoubtedly the preferred option this season for kitchen designs.

The largest range of colors and models

We stock a wide range of products from different reputable manufacturers. Many of them are available in a variety of shades and finishes, which you can select from within the product.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch with us and we’ll find it for you!

Application advice

Here are some tips to help you install our marble 600×600 tiles:

Leave even gaps between tiles

It is recommended to leave a gap of 2-3mm between tiles. You can do this using tools such as spacers, which are inserted into the joints to leave the same gap evenly between all the tiles. These are usually easy to find in any hardware store.

Use the right adhesive and grout

All mortars may seem the same, but many of them are for specific joints or materials. If you ask us for a quote, you can ask us for advice on the placement materials.

Most of the time you will find cementitious or epoxy materials on the market. An epoxy grout usually gives a more flawless result for the project.

Make sure the level is correct when laying marble 60x60 tiles

Extra Large Tiles are larger than standard tiles, covering more area with a single sheet. This makes it very important that the surface is level and that all the tiles are the same height. There are also very affordable tools that you can use to check that the level is correct.

Frequently asked questions about marble tiles 60x60

Is it a durable material?

60×60 (cm) porcelain tiles with marble effect have high quality and durability specifications. They are resistant to abrasion, heat, stains and chlorine.

Is it compatible with underfloor heating?

Our tiles are made of porcelain stoneware. This material not only withstands this type of system, but also, due to its conductive properties, helps make heating more effective in the home.

Does it require maintenance?

It can last for many years without any specific maintenance required.

How do you clean 600x600 marble effect tiles?

As their surface is not porous, they are very easy to clean. You don’t need a specific product, just a mild floor detergent and regular scrubbing to remove dirt.

Why buy 60x60 marble tiles from us?

We are a Spanish company with years of experience in the sector. Our policies are clear, and we believe that customer service should be personalized. That’s why we have specialists from all over France to help you with anything you need. We can answer your questions through the channel of your choice, whether it’s by phone, WhatsApp, email, or our contact form.