white bathroom

Large white bathroom tiles

Large white bathroom tiles

Catalogue of big white bathroom tiles

All selected collections are bathroom-safe and available in white.

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Design ideas for our collections of large bathroom tiles white

In our online store of large tiles, we show you environments of our products so that you can visualize your bathroom with the ideal tile.

Tips for choosing the best big white shower tiles

With the following tips, we will try to help you decide what best suits your bathroom with large white tiles and answer all your questions about it. Remember that you can also contact us and our team of experts will answer your query without obligation or cost.


Any tile for the wall or floor of your bathroom needs to be water-resistant and moisture-resistant, so the surface needs to be as non-porous as possible. Therefore, the collections selected in the top catalogue on this page are made of porcelain, a material suitable for wet areas and the large white tile shower wall.

Consider the size of the bathroom

Large format white tile shower are ideal for adding brightness to the smallest bathrooms. However, it is important to consider the size of the format you want to choose.

For example, a 2400mm large white tile for shower is not recommended for a very small bathroom, as it will require a lot of cuts to tile. However, it will look spectacular in a large bathroom.

The same goes for a 60×60 tile. It will look great in a small bathroom, but it may be too small for a large bathroom if you are looking for a sense of spaciousness.

The height of the bathroom is also important

If your bathroom ceiling is very low, it is recommended to use vertical rectangular bathroom large white tiles on the wall. This will create a visual effect of greater height.

Matte or gloss finish?

Glossy finishes give white large format tile showers more brightness than matte finishes, however, matte finishes create a greater sense of softness, and are the preferred choice in modern and minimalist designs of white large tile shower.